Dennis Rader, The BTK Killer

Today, the 9th of March, happens to be the birthday of serial killer Dennis Rader, also known as “BTK killer” or “BTK strangler” which stands for “Bind, torture, kill”. So first of all, happy birthday.


In total, he has killed 10 people and collected memorabilia from each crime scene. The murders were occurred between 1974 and 1991.

Rader was known for sending letters to the police and local newspapers describing the details of the killings and taunting them.


His first victims were the Otero family, who had just moved into a corner house at Edgemoor and Murdock. He murdered them on January 15, 1974 using plastic bags and ropes to strangle and suffocate them.


It was only in 2005 when he got arrested, 14 years after his final murder, though he had plans to kill again. He had been stalking his victim for a while and had set a date for their death, October 2004, but he didn’t murder them.

He was arrested on February 25, 2005 near his home. He was asked by the police if he knew why he was going downtown, to which he replied “Oh, I have suspicions why”.


On February 28, 2005, he was charged with 10 counts of first degree murder. His criminal penalty is life imprisonment with no parole for 175 years. He blamed the killings on a “demon” that got inside him at a young age.

An odd fact that came to light as a result of the evidence seized from Rader’s collection was his obsession with self-bondage. Detectives found a number of photos Rader had taken of himself all tied up in various ways. He was also fond of dressing up in items stolen from his female victims. After he received mental evaluations from different health professionals, it was determined that insanity plea was not an option, and the only thing left was for him to plead guilty. A little after he did that, he described how he killed his 10 victims to satisfy his sexual fantasies at the court appearance.

These are all his 10 victims.BTK_victims


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