10 Must Watch Movies

I may not write about movies a lot, but 80% of my time I watch them. I don’t just “watch” movies, they are pretty much what my life revolves around. My favorite genre is horror, but even I admit that most horror movies aren’t good. Drama amuses me because it reminds me that other people’s lives are worse than mine. Comedy is comedy.

But every now and then you watch a movie that changes your life. Recently, more than 20 movies have changed my life and non of my friends have seen any of them, and it’s killing me because I want to talk about it and discuss the plot but no one is there!

I hope you watch them. If they don’t change your life you’re heartless.


Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, this is a dark-fantasy Spanish movie that takes place in Spain in 1944. The narrative of the film intertwines this real world with a mythical world centered on an overgrown abandoned labyrinth and a mysterious faun creature, with which the main character, Ofelia, interacts. It may sound a bit silly, but it is a breathtaking film.

Pan's Labyrinth


A British-German vampire movie by Jim Jarmusch, the movie is about a depressed musician who reunites with his lover, though their romance – which has already endured several centuries – is disrupted by the arrival of uncontrollable younger sister. It is not your typical vampire movie, this one has been nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.



A biographical musical directed by Todd Haynes, this is a movie about Bob Dylan. But, here’s the catch. 6 different actors portray him. There is no character carrying his actual name, but different parts of his life are played by different people. Altogether, they are one. My favorite character in the movie is Jude Quinn, played by Cate Blanchett. For me, her character was the closest one to being Bob Dylan.



An Australian  horror movie by Jennifer Kent, it’s about a single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her. I watched this movie in the middle of the night and that was the greatest mistake of my life.

The Babadook (2014) poster


This is a crime drama film by Tony Kaye about a former neo-nazi skinhead tries to prevent his younger brother from going down the same wrong path that he did. Edward Norton’s performance in this movie is so powerful you get chills.



This one is an epic drama movie by Paul Thomas Anderson. It tells the story of a silver miner-turned-oilman on a ruthless quest for wealth during Southern California’s oil bloom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As dull as that sounds, the movie is powerful. You may not be the same after you watch it. It is regarded as one of the best movies of the 2000s.



Australians know how to make good horror movies, because this one was truly the scariest one I have ever seen. The main character, Brent, turns down his classmate Lola’s invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge. A disgusting revenge.



Another epic drama film directed by Frank Darabont, the film tells the story of Andy Dufresne, a banker who is sentenced to life in Shawshank State Prison for the murder of his wife and her lover despite his claims of innocence. During his time at the prison, he befriends a fellow inmate, Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding, and finds himself protected by the guards after the warden begins using him in his money laundering operation.



This is a science fiction film by Alfonso Cuaron. The film takes place in 2027, where two decades of human infertility have left society on the brink of collapse. Illegal immigrants seek sanctuary in the United Kingdom, where the last functioning government imposes oppressive immigration laws on refugees.


And the number one movie that you must watch is…


This is a biographical drama survival film by Sean Penn, and is based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America and his life spent in the Alaskan wilderness in the early 1990s. Into The Wild has one of the greatest soundtracks and the best quotes I have ever heard. One of the most beautiful movies, you simply cannot dislike it.


These aren’t movies that you gather with your friends during sleepovers and watch it happily (except for the horror movies I mentioned). These are movies that you need to really understand and grasp the concept. If you don’t like my list, tell me your preferences. I hope they leave a good first impression. 🙂


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