Celebrating the days of Mkhitar Sebastatsi at our school

Today was one of the school days I’d look back in 30 years and think “Wow, that was a great day!”.

One of my mottos are to enjoy the little things.

As we celebrate the 4rth day of Mkhitar Sebastatsi week at our school, today we had an open air concert. My friends were playing at the roof as the student body and the teachers watched from the inner schoolyard. Needless to say, the view from the roof was amazing. Everything was yellow!


But the best is yet to come!

We were scheduled to play classic rock, thrash metal and pop songs. When my best friend Eliza was playing the guitar and singing pop songs, we were headbanging and dancing like there was no tomorrow! Maybe we looked dumb, but we were the ones having fun.


When she was done, our other friends started playing rock and metal music. By now you should have assumed that we were slow dancing to that and did some weird contemporary dance moves that “artistic” people understand. A little bit of mockery, I guess. But believe me when I say, we laughed so hard we almost fainted.





And us!


After a few wild dances, some of our friends started to join us. My friend Lusine and I started dancing Armenian traditional dances to Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams. I’m not sure if you can imagine us doing that, but nevertheless we did it, and we died laughing.


When everyone was in a good mood, I started belly dancing to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, because, well, why not! Too bad there are no pictures of that, because it was quite a scene. By the end of the concert, everyone was dancing like crazy, it didn’t matter if they danced great or bad, it didn’t matter if they knew how to dance, it didn’t matter if they looked sane or not, we were are having fun. Maybe we didn’t play very well, or maybe we did. Maybe we were very loud, or maybe we weren’t. The important part is that it was memorable. I highly doubt any of us would forget the horrible dancing, unless of course they start denying it.


A special thank you to our teacher, Mr. Karen, for helping us pick the music, and especially for tolerating our behavior at the roof. He was very strong.

As for the people who didn’t like our dancing, we are sorry you don’t know how to have fun.


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