My favorite place in Yerevan

Though I hate spending time in nature, I like visiting the children’s railway (մանկական երկաթուղի).


Something about it, I don’t exactly know what, seems very attractive. I don’t know whether it’s the trees, the abandoned train, the little bridge, or me sneaking at strangers kissing each other. Whatever the reason is, the place is wonderful.


The abandoned train used to be my favorite part, until today. I went there and the doors were locked. Usually they’re open and we can go inside the train and enjoy all the rubbish thrown there. No, really, sometimes the rubbish symbolizes the emptiness of it.


Now these are old pictures. Oh, my beautiful long hair. Okay, back to the main subject.

One of the great things about it is that you can walk all over the tracks and there is literally no way the train would hit you. You know, because it’s slow.


This time of the year it is especially beautiful. Autumn, yellow leaves, layers of clothing.


Alright, it doesn’t seem such a nice place in that picture. But if you walk till the end of the tracks, you will find this.


Now that is something!

I had never walked till the end of the tracks until today. And besides the pretty scenery, I found a secret passage to my area! Which means, I can walk here instead of taking the bus. Curiosity never killed the cat.


If you still don’t think this is a good place, which I highly doubt, you can just come here to take some photos at this cabin. You will always walk past it whenever you visit it.


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