English test


A1) a     2) an    3) a    4) the     5) the     6) a     7) the     8) an

B1) a     2)  –    3) a      4) the    5) the     6)  –     7) the     8) a      9) the     10) a

C1) Do you think we will ever send a person to the Mars?

2) When you go to the London, don’t forget to see the London Eye.

3) When we use the cars, we damage the environment.

4) I’m not telling a lies! It’s the truth.

5) I’m looking for a teacher who can teach me the German.

6) Ray needs a warm hat and a new coat for his visit to the Russia.

7) Dad has gone to a work and forgotten the car keys.

8) Some people have an unusual pets, such as lions or tigers.

D1) English music was popular in America in the 1960s.

2) Would you prefer to read a book or watch television?

3) We had maths at school yesterday and the teacher gave us  a surprise test!

4) Peter joined the police and caught ten thieves in his first month!

5) Gordon wanted to be a writer, so he studied English at university.

6) Suddenly, two UFOs appeared in the sky over Washington.

E1) We had a great time in USA

2) let’s go to Belgium for a week this summer.

3) Where’s the money I gave you on the fifteenth of last month?

4) I’d like to join the army and become a soldier.

5) For Christmas, I got a book, a DVD and the latest DC by my favorite band.

6) They say that the English drink a lot of tea.

7) I heard a song on the radio that I really liked.

8) Do the Japanese and the other people in Asia eat cheese?

F) Gary: It’s a lovely day, isn’t it? Let’s walk down to shops and look around.

Helen: That’s a good idea. I’ll just have a look in the kitchen and see what we need.

Gary: I got milk yesterday, so we don’t need anymore. We might need bread, though.

Helen: Okay. Bread… oh, and a packet of sugar. After shopping, we could go to the new market in the town centre and see what they have.

Gary: Right. You get your coat and I’ll get the car keys.


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