Spring feelings

   I should have written this way back when spring just started, but it came so quickly nobody reminded me about how I felt. 

Well, that sums up how I felt in the beginning. “What? It’s spring already? But it just snowed”…


Yes, beloved humans, it snowed in March. Is it even possible? I guess so. Very disappointed, planet Earth, very…

We “celebrated” March with more snow. For two weeks it was pretty warm, we put our coats back in the closet, and hurray, we can enjoy the sun again!


I was so excited, I was going for a full wardrobe change. But, alas, what else would you expect from the weather… 

Three weeks of random thunderstorms and rain!


How is it even possible? It was 25 degrees celsius! And now? 10 degrees… Welcome back, coats.

So I swallowed my anger, because it wouldn’t have changed anything. We suffered from the “winter symptom” for three more weeks. “Get yourself together, Annie, you can make it for a few more days!”. I told myself that over and over again. Everyday I practiced in front of the mirror, “I can make it, you won’t bring me down, winter! You won’t!”

And I survived…

Now, the weather is perfect. The end of spring, the best days! Happiness showers our home. Flowers bloom. Birds tweet. Tears of joy can be seen on my face! 

Alright, that was way too dramatic.

But really, I feel good about spring now. But, I, a big fan of whining, have a complaint. The mosquitoes are back in business. I hope I kill most of them by the beginning of summer. Until then, smile! 



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