Summer To-do list


It is pretty hard to top summer 2012 and 2013. The biggest highlights of my life usually happen in summer. In order to make summer 2014 memorable, I have decided to make a list, hopefully it would help you too.

1) Attend a music festival.

I did attend one last year and it was amazing! I’m hoping there’d be one this year too.

2) Go camping.

I’m not a big fan of camping, but I could more experience in that area.

3) Pull an all-nighter to watch the sunrise.

I do this all the time I just needed to fill the list.

4) Read more.

I still haven’t finished my list of books to read from last summer so there’s that.

5) Start a new DIY project.

Whenever I start a DIY project I usually forget about or slack off, time to change that.

6) Get a job.

Yeah, I just want a paycheck.

7) Have a bonfire.

If I convince my friends to do it with me…

8) Give up social media for a week.

I doubt I’d be able to do it, but why not!

9) Go to an Amusement park.

I haven’t done this for a while I sort of miss it.

10) Give away clothes I don’t wear.

The thing I hate to do the most is give things up but it needs to be done.

11) Exercise more.

No more chocolate cake for breakfast.

12) Learn to cook food.

It would be nice to know to cook something other than pancakes.

13) Grill things.

Summer is not summer without barbeque.

14) Go tanning.


15) Go swimming with all my friends.

I don’t know what’s better, swimming or my friends?

Have a great summer, everyone!



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