Comparing children and parents

Every family has a different way of raising children, because no parents are alike. Some spoil them, some show them tough love, some don’t even care, some are overprotective. Their children react differently towards the actions. Maybe they’re happy and satisfied, maybe they’re hungry for more. The way they think is much more different than their parent. Their reactions affect their mentality and behavior. It is important to pay attention to these points. Every child is different and to understand them is difficult.

For eg., parents who provide their children with anything and everything, are they satisfied? Are they happy? Do they need it? I’m 100% sure they’d be thrilled to have new gifts. Now, fast forward, 3 months later. Do you think they would still be using it, or would they beg for a new one? “This generation is spoiled,” say elders, but is it their fault? Or were they educated to want more and never settle for anything less?

Another eg., parents who provide their children with the things they need. Would they be the same as others? Would they be satisfied with the things they already have? Or simply whine?

Psychologically speaking, if the person has everything and still keeps asking for more, then that child is simply a spoiled brat. If everything is handed to them on a silver plate, then they would grow a custom to having everything they want and never doing anything by themselves. Success can’t be simply handed to them.

Technology would obviously affect their health. Sitting too much would make them fat, staring at a screen would weaken their eye sight and so on.

Academically speaking, it would make them very lazy, all of it would distract them so much that they wouldn’t have time to study.

And as for their behavior, they would be show-offs and have a terrible attitude, i.e., they’d be the child you never wanted.

As for the children who have the things they need, they would be in a good place, maybe they didn’t have perfection before, but they would work for it. They would climb their way up to the top until they reach success. Their health would be average. Unless other activities prevent it, they’d be just fine. Their school work would be good, but if the individual is as lazy as a sloth, you can only blame them and only them. As for their behavior, they’d be pretty normal. Define normal? Their attitude wouldn’t be bad, they’d appreciate everything and they wouldn’t rely on people all the time.

But after all, each child has a different mind, maybe everything would be the exact opposite of what I said. It depends on the point of view.


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