Teen Crime

There is absolutely no excuse to justify crime, not to mention teen crime. Nevertheless, it is important to discuss it. There are countless reasons that teen crime exists, but I believe that it isn’t increasing, but, we are acknowledging it. Perhaps a hundred years ago people did not notice it, but now we have surveillance and it is much easier to detect the actions than before. My point is, just because people see it now doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Teen crime has always been and will always be. And there is no one to blame except the person who does it. You cannot blame the government, or the surroundings or anything else. If the person is not to be blamed, then I blame their education. Unless they know the difference between right and wrong, they wouldn’t do such things. Even if they are under the influence of their friends and do it for the kicks, it is not an excuse. If you have the will power then your conscience would stop you.

When I was younger, maybe 6 or 7 years old, I stole chewing-gum with my best friend from the school canteen. Chewing-gum was my first true love and I did anything to get it. Of course, no one noticed what we did, and even if they did, they couldn’t actually do anything extreme because we were just kids. The reason I stole them was because my parents gave me only 1 pack of gum, and I was greedy. Still am greedy. But why did I stop stealing the chewing-gum? I took more gum from my parents. I took 1 from my mother, and then I told my dad that my mother didn’t give me any, thus, he gave me more. Maybe I lied, but, then again, I wasn’t breaking the law….


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