Why I hate New Year but love Christmas

What do you know, it’s almost 2014!

I’m sure everyone is excited for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and are making plans. You might spend it with your family, or invite some friends over, whatever you do you make sure its happy and memorable. Me, being Syrian-Armenian, I get to spend Christmas twice. Once on the 25th of December, and second on the 6th of January. Not that it means I get twice as many gifts, I just enjoy the fact that the food is amazing and I would happily devour the feast twice. The best part is when the adults get drunk and go all mental-crazy-insane and start dancing like no one is watching. And if they are too drunk, one of them dresses up as the Snow Queen and we all get a good laugh.

We also celebrate New Year, obviously. And it is always depressing. Yes, we have a nice dinner and exchange gifts and dance around, but once the clock strikes 12, suddenly, I get the feeling that I have wasted the entire year. Even if I had been productive and worked hard, I always get this feeling at the pit of my stomach and it makes me sick. I go to my room and just sit. I seek silence, which is literally impossible with the fireworks in the background. I feel like crying, but I don’t. In other words, it just sucks.

Since last year I have changed so much, and it scares me that I am not the same person I was a year ago. Hell, I’m not even the same person I was last week! People also make new year’s resolutions, and I bet that most of the people would got o the gym to start excercising because that is the most common new year’s resolution. I used to make a bucket list of the things I wanted to do in the following year, except last year, I didn’t. It just happened to be, that by not writing down everything I wanted to do, I did it without realizing it. It didn’t happen immediately, obviously, but people always notice the growth and change in you.

So why do I hate New Year? It makes me sick, it is too deep for me, but Christmas is just fun, fun, fun! New Year is like a curse, it can’t go away. But in order to make the curse stop, you simply step out of the way.


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