How not to fall sick during the autumn holiday

Flu is very common now. The worst time to get sick is when you have holidays. I am here to help you with that.

Because I am such a nice person and I care about the health of people, here are some of the ways that are helping me keep it away:

1. Always wear layers. I’m pretty sure you will think “But its not that cold, Annie!”, but hey, you will fall sick without realizing it. Listen to your mom, take that jacket with you.

2. The best way to stay warm is to lie down on the couch and drink tea while watching your favorite TV show. Drink lime tea (its what I prefer) or tea with milk, whatever you like! Ginger tea is very effective. Just make sure you drink lots of fluids to keep you warm and healthy!

3. Order some mushroom pizza! Mushrooms are very healthy and they contain antiviral proteins that strengthen your immune system.

4. Sing in the shower, because it keeps your nasal passages moist and the viruses will leave your nose alone.

5. Anything you drink, drink it with honey. Honey is the most effective cough syrup, and it also contains many healthy factors in it. If you don’t like honey, well, it doesn’t like you back!

6. There’s no place like home! I try not to go out a lot, I usually stay in my bacteria/virus-free bedroom where I sanitize pretty much everything. I wash my hands regularly. I don’t share my stuff a lot.


Flu season has got nothing on me, I will conquer it!


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