Rainy days are here!

Playing with leaves, an orange world, sweaters and umbrellas!


I hate Autumn.

It might be pretty and all, but I really do dislike it. You might not understand me very well, but having curly hair isn’t as fun as you think. Imagine you have straightened your hair all night, ready for the next day, and then BAM! It starts raining, and your hair is just curly again… Even if it doesn’t rain, humidity will always be there, ruining my hair!

Excluding the rain, you never know what to wear! It’s freezing cold in the morning, and burning hot in the afternoon, it’s like the weather is bipolar. And sure, you would advice me to take a jacket, but I am a very picky person when it comes to clothes and I would most probably ignore that.

And then there’s the umbrella story…

I have bad luck. Whenever I grab my umbrella, the weather is nice. And if I forget it, oh well, showers…

And oh, my birthday is in November, and it’s never fun. I don’t want to get older!

Please bring back Summer…



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