The way I watch movies

Most people go out during their free time, hang out with their friends and socialize. I do most of these too, but I prefer staying at home and watching movies, not only because I’m too lazy to go out, but it also helps me escape reality. It may sound fancy and all, but it is actually quite simple. People usually talk to their friends about their problems, or consult a family member, but not me. Its not that I like to compress my feelings or what-so-ever, but I do whine and complain a lot and it is very annoying. The only way to shut me up is to make me sit and watch a movie. When I watch movies I require complete silence and no distractions. Most teenagers watch them differently than I do. For example, they like a certain actor and suddenly that’s their favorite movie, or maybe its a comedy movie and they like it because its funny. But as for me, I notice every single detail. Cinematography, acting, screenplay, camera angles, everything! This may not sound as fun as the other option, but it does make me feel like a film critic. This has become some sort of habit, because every time I watch a movie I look for mistakes. I even watch the same movie a few more times just to make sure.

When I concentrate on movies, I tend to forget all my problems and focus on television. People might think that technology is going to make children dumber by just making them sit on the couch and stare at a box with moving pictures in it, but it is much more than that. Every thing you see on TV has its back story. Whether its a fantasy movie, or a soap opera, or even a celebrity scandal, people worked hard for it to make it happen. Some day I would like to be a part of the experience and understand the way movies are done. You can read about it as much as you want, but its never the same when you are actually there making it happen.


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