More Rock facts

Before Aerosmith, Steven Tyler claims Jimmy Page stole his girlfriend at a concert he attended in 1969.

A 90 year old lady’s dream was to meet Metallica’s band members and her dream came true when they visited her.

Izzy Stradlin was the first to quit Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite’ lineup.

Pearl Jam’s “Alive” was written about a serial killer.

On March 29, 1975, Led Zeppelin became the 1st band with 6 albums on the chart at one time.

At 14, Kurt Cobain told a friend he would be a superstar musician, get rich, & kill himself like Hendrix (who didn’t kill himself).

The most expensive guitar on record ($2.7 million) is one signed by Keith Richards, Clapton, Jagger, Jimmy Page, Brian May & more.

Bret Michaels turned down Slash when he auditioned for Poison.


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